Thursday, May 3, 2012

words words words, just words.

i will give you
more than that 

come on in

No, thanks you.





Why DOES Jesus have a Mexican name?


Why does god allow crashing
Why does google allow suffering

we have a winner!

valid inquiries.

Either it's gonna fucking snow in belgium, or it's the apocalypse.
I need to know so I can put it on my timeline.

words, continents, carbs, you sinking about

I want to help you spanish.

Broken hearts and STD's, Google accepts your inquiries!

the dream

the descent

to reality

and abstraction

I want to go home.

Here'll do

I love when you don't pee on the walls.

Tall people need bikes too.

I'm growing as fast as I can to clean up the air your just dirtied.

Stop That Killing!

Those interior decorator lessons paid off.

Buy Local! (radiation)

It's not a penthouse, but it's the best I could do.

Tie it around your neck

I guess so.